Advance Reviews:

"Clinicians have long recognized the central role of emotion in the therapeutic change process. This highly readable volume by Elliott, Watson, Goldman, and Greenberg, based on years of clinical, educational, and research efforts by the authors and their colleagues, clearly describes guidelines for integrating experiential interventions into one's clinical practice. It is an invaluable resource for therapists, regardless of theoretical orientation, who want to enhance their clinical effectiveness."
      -Marvin Goldfried, Ph.D.,
        Department of Psychology,
        State University of New York at Stony Brook

"This book is as specific, detailed, and concrete a manual as is available for any psychological therapy. It makes emotion-focused therapy accessible to practitioners in a step-by-step process that honors both the conceptual subtlety of the theory and the human dignity of the clients. By specifying therapeutic operations in ways practitioners can use, it counters suggestions that humanistic, experiential therapies must be vague and imprecise. It also counters suggestions that therapy manuals must be mechanical, detailing how empathic contact can be extended to help people in ways that respect their autonomy, dignity, and worth. It makes the treatment plausible, feasible, and powerful."
      -William B. Stiles, Ph.D.,
        Department of Psychology,
        Miami University, Oxford, OH

©2004 Robert Elliott, Jeanne Watson, Rhonda Goldman, and Leslie Greenberg