Learning Emotion-Focused Therapy - Supplemental Materials

Chapters 11 & 12: Active Express ion Tasks: Two Chair Work for Conflict Splits; Empty Chair Work for Unfinished Interpersonal Issues

11.2.1. Outline: Active Expression Tasks: Two Chair Work



Task Marker


End State

Self-Evaluative Split (Criticizing or pushing self; tornness)

Two-Chair Dialogue

Self-acceptance, integration

Self-Interruption Split (Blocked feelings, resignation)

Two-Chair Enactment

Self-expression, empowerment

Unfinished Business (Lingering bad feeling re:  significant other)

Empty Chair Work

Let go of resentments, unmet needs re: other; affirm self; understand or hold other accountable




Materials designed to accompany the book Learning Emotion-Focused Therapy: The Process-Experiential Approach to Change from APA Books.

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